West Papua: The Effect of Transmigration

West Papua: The Effect of Transmigration

West Papua: The Effect of Transmigration Blog, Indonesia, West Papua
November 10, 2011

In addition to the physical murder of Papuans, already amounting to genocide, the more serious and greatest threat to Papuans is the effect of transmigration.

Indonesia is essentially trying to ensure that within a few years the indigenous population will be outnumbered by the immigrant Indonesians from Java. If there is a referendum at that point, the Papuans will lose as a minority in their own land.

Immigrants now control 80% of the businesses and there is increasing pressure for Papuans to convert to Islam.

I’ve visited West Papua numerous times and lived there for several years. In the 70s the vast majority of the population were indigenous. If you visit now, I would say it is getting close to 50/50.

1971887,000 (96%)36,000 (4%)
19901,215,897 (75%)414,210 (25%)
20001,505,405 (68%)708,425 (32%)
20051,558,795 (59%)1,087,694 (41%)
20101,760,557 (49%)1,852,297 (51%)
20202,112,681 (29%)5,174,782 (71%)

source: http://pure-papua.posterous.com/west-papua-genocide-5050

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  1. Joseph says:

    @ Paul

    Actually West Papuans are Indonesians, have been for a long time, get over it.
    Funny how dozens of ethnic groups become one monolithic people when it suits. Like calling Acehnese, Minangkabau, Melayu etc. Sumatrans.
    Wait a minute, you mean the natives’ population will drop from a couple of million to a few thousand? Now that certainly would be something. Would finally be grounds for the hitherto fantasy claims of genocide.

  2. Paul says:

    Sad but true… The indonesians are flooding into West Papua, and will be breeding like flies. When they finally outnumber the West Papuans, Indonesia will hold free and fair elections. Another Vote of Self Determination. Guess which way it will go? Therefore democracy will have its way. West Papua with only a few thousand Papuans will, ‘freely’ and democratically choose to stay with Indonesia.

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