Drones are a Crime Against Humanity

Drones are a Crime Against Humanity

Drones are a Crime Against Humanity Drones, Features

What Are Drones?

Drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), are unpiloted aircraft, mostly used by military or police agencies for surveillance and spying, but are increasingly being used to strike enemy targets.

The USA has waged a long campaign of “Predator” drone strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somolia, primarily killing innocent civilians.

Philip Girald, a former CIA officer and fellow of the American Conservative Defense Alliance, stated:

“Drones are currently killing people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. It should be noted that the United States is not at war with any of those countries, which should mean that in a sane world the killing is illegal under both international law and the U.S. Constitution.”

Drones, along with most modern military technology, represent, by their very existence, a crime against humanity.

It’s time we realized that the true hidden criminals of war are the manufacturers of its machinery. The silent profiteers of human misery are the ones who design, build and distribute the technology that allows wealthier nations to torture, murder and subjugate less fortunate nations who can’t keep up with the perpetual arms race.

Some of the Top Offenders:

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