Indonesia Invites PNG PM To Attend Bali Democracy Forum

Indonesia Invites PNG PM To Attend Bali Democracy Forum

Indonesia Invites PNG PM To Attend Bali Democracy Forum Indonesia, News, PNG, Regions
November 11, 2011

Source: The Post Courier

The President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, has invited PNG Prime Minister, Peter ONeill, to attend the Bali Democracy Forum later this year.

Mr ONeill met with the special envoy sent by the President of Indonesia, Iwan Wiranata-Atmadja, at Mourata Haus.

The invitation is for Mr. ONeill to attend the annual forum to participate as Papua New Guinea has recently shown that it has a vibrant democratic process in place.

Dr Wiranata-Atmadja emphasized in a statement that the Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono fully recognizes PNG as a shining example of democracy.

Dr Wiranata-Atmadja said,

“For that reason, the Indonesian President invites you to participate in the forum.”

In a letter to Mr O’Neill, the Indonesian President expressed his sincere appreciation for PNGs support towards the forum and this governments active participation since its launching in December 2008.

This years theme will be Enhancing Democratic Participation in a changing World Responding to Democratic Voices and will discuss democracy as a process of governance that requires the broad participation of citizenry in decision making.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill after accepting the invitation said he also looks forward to having fruitful discussions to further strengthen both countries relations.

“I am pleased to accept the invitation of the President of the Republic of Indonesian to visit Indonesia in coming months to contribute to the Bali Development Forum.”

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