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May 27, 2012

Day 007

By merrick_monroe

At some point today, inspiration struck. The concept of painting one’s nipples red with lipstick has fascinated me for years, aided by the fact that I have a mighty fetish for red, glossy lips. It was inevitable, really. Oh and yesterday I was reading about high key photography, so there’s (here’s?) that, too. [View On Black]

Actually there’s a fuck ton of pictures from this set up (which yes, will be going up on my site soon), mainly because I was having so much fun making a mess of my lipstick. Seriously! It was a blast. I kept re-applying it and then smearing it all off again. I felt destructive and creative all at once; I’ve not felt like that for some while. I needed it.

There are a lot of fun images from this set, but I chose this one to represent today because I feel like it really represents Today. Because today (last night, really) I made a mess of myself. But this morning, I felt better for it. I needed it. It’s true; I have a habit of suppressing certain emotions because I feel guilty about them. I shouldn’t do that. And I really, really appreciate when others see me at what I feel is my worst, and somehow seem to appreciate me all the more for it. It’s an incredible feeling.

Also, is that red record right behind my head not the most fucking gorgeous piece of vinyl?! I want to eat it. It looks delicious. I have so so so much coloured vinyl. I make a mess of it, too. And it feels great. ^_^

Mainstream Media

By Moan Lisa


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