Occupy Art: Peaceful Resistance to Corporate Greed

Occupy Art: Peaceful Resistance to Corporate Greed ITS Image Factory, Mixed Media
November 14, 2011
By Freestyle: Artist Without Borders / Artiste sans frontières

Freestyle writes: I want to make a difference with art and to bring awareness to the many social issues affecting large section of our planet. This is very important to me; using my creativity for positive change and peace activism. Art should speak loudly and make an impact for those who pause for a moment to look and think. Art should not only make pretty statements, but also make an impact on the lives of those who struggle or are oppressed. Art should shout; posters like the ones I create here should chronicle the economic and social divide that threaten the global community. I use beautiful photographs, art and posters to express these realities loudly.

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Arrest the Banksters

If you would like to use my work for solidarity projects or if you would like to purchase my Poster prints (18″x24″ with a 1/2″ white border, actual size of the image area is 17″x23″)

The rights to use my images (DIGITAL) are reasonable and I WOULD like to be remunerated in exchange for the use of my images as much as possible! However, I do allow the ‘free’ use of some images for projects that I feel passionate about.

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