Merdeka! The Struggle for Freedom in West Papua

Merdeka! The Struggle for Freedom in West Papua AKR Moving Pictures, Australia, Indonesia, Pacific, USA, Videos, West Papua
July 14, 2012

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Indigenous freedom fighters, isolated & outnumbered and with almost no weapons, wage a resistance struggle against a massive army and brutal police forces with US training & funding.

The U.N. sold out West Papua in 1961 under the New York Agreement. Indonesia took control under U.S. pressure. Since the, as many as half a million Papuans have paid with their lives.

Who is behind this evil insanity? U.S. mining company, Freeport McMoran Gold & Copper, owns the world’s largest gold mine, Grasberg, in West Papua.

These greedy companies – Freeport-McMoran, BP, Rio Tinto, Noble Group, and many others, pay the Indonesian military & police to terrorize innocent civilians, to rape, torture and beat them, force them off their land, and kill them.

Benny Wenda, Papuan leader in exile: “In West Papua, there is no freedom, only killing, intimidation, torture.”

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