The Indonesian Judicial System Is A Joke

The Indonesian Judicial System Is A Joke

The Indonesian Judicial System Is A Joke Blog, Indonesia, Pacific, The Struggle, West Papua
August 20, 2011

Source: Pure Papua

The Indonesian judicial system is a joke. The Indonesian military kills West Papuans with impunity. Yet the freedom of speech and association is nonexistent for West Papuans.

Last week The Jayapura Military Court sentenced First Private Hasirun to six months’ imprisonment for torturing and killing Papuan Rev. Kinderman Gire in March last year.

A panel of judges headed by Lt. Col. Adil found Hasirun, a member of the 753/AVT Nabire Batallion, guilty of disobeying orders by violently assaulting Kinderman, reported.

West Papua is not immune to light sentencing for horrendous crimes.

Earlier this month, a court handed down sentences of six to 15 months to three soldiers for “insubordination.” Their crime? The same murder and decapitation of Reverend Kindeman Gire.

Papuans (like Filep Karma) are being sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for raising an innocent flag, while a soldier who tortured and murdered an innocent West Papuan civilian was sentenced to six months.

Indonesia has signed and ratified an international convention against torture, which means that murderers and perpetrators such as the Indonesian Military members in West Papua should be given serious sentences.

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  1. Zashnain says:

    Through violence, Indonesia’s destiny is doomed to produce a society where like a hungry snake, it will consume itself, starting from the tail.

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