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May 8, 2012

Source: Rasudo / By: John Anari
Translated from Indonesian by AKR and staff

The OPM was originally founded in Manokwari in February 1965, precisely at the family home of Sanggeng Watofa.

The first meeting was attended by all the components of society in the town of Manokwari such as chiefs, Lodwik Mandacan, Barent Mandacan, head of the Papua police Mr. John Jambuani, Commander of the PVK Mr. Permenas Ferry, some members of the police and some members of naval PVK-Polisi such as : Benjamin Terianus, Anari, Mr. Aronggear Marani, Fred Ajoi, Jimmy Wambrau, and others.

This organization was set up with the name of the Free Papua Liberation Organization (OPPM) but the Government of the Republic of Indonesia willfully released that it was the OPM (Free Papua Organization), in other words implying that the new organization could be criticized as a struggle for Separatism, Makar (treason), Terrorism and the like. The Government of the Republic of Indonesia deliberately removed the exemption so that it meant just that.

The organization was founded with the purpose to guerilla (bergerlirya) throughout the bird’s head (Vogel Kop) with the formation of the island of Papua Cassowary Battalion and aided by some of the platoon commanders.

Here is the seventh commander of the Cassowary Battalion, among other things:

I Cassowary Battalion led by Ex. PVK Sergean Permenas Awom Ferry, he serves as Chief of the General. With the operation area and Menyambow Manokwari city.

Marthinus Jimmy Wambrau (Battalion Commander Cassowary II) with the Operations area of ​​North Coastal (Saukorem, Arfu, Numbrani, Sidei, and Nuni).

Marthen Rumbiak (Cassowary Battalion Commander III) with the guerrillas, namely East Manokwari (Ransiki, Windesi, Oransbari, and Wasior).

Ex. Papua Police Commander, John. C. Jambuani (John Caprini Jambuni) as a Battalion Commander IV Cassowary. With the guerrilla area is Warsnembri, Chebar, and Manokwari Saukorem City).

Silas wompere (Ex. Sergean PVK) as the Battalion Commander Cassowary V, with the guerrillas in the A3 (Ayamaru, Aifat and Aitinyo). But in a guerrilla killed his platoon commander in Ayamaru by (his men) are Martinus Prawar.

Ex. Papua police, Fred Ajoi (Battalion Commander Cassowary VI) with the Operation area Kebar, Merdei, Menyambow, and Manokwari).

Ex. Papua Navy, Daniel Wanma as Battalion Commander Cassowary VII. With the Guerrilla Daera Sausapor, Saukorem, Teminabuan, and shoves the City).


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  1. klaas bakker says:

    Ik zoek al jaren naar Marthen Rumbiak.
    Ik trof hem voor het eerst in manokwari met zijn dochters meithy en isra.
    dit was in september 1988.
    In 1992 zag ik zijn dochters weer in manokwari marthen was toen vertrokken naar ransiki.
    zat bij de opm hij had het ook over Tim-Tim.
    Leeft marthen nog?
    Graag uw hulp.
    Klaas Bakker.

  2. John Anari says:

    Dear AK Rockefeller,

    Thanks so much to translate my writing in English and published it to the World by your website.

    May God bless you.


    John anari.
    Executive Chairman of WPLO

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