Mako Tabuni’s killers must be brought to justice

Mako Tabuni’s killers must be brought to justice

Mako Tabuni’s killers must be brought to justice Blog, Indonesia, Pacific, The Struggle, West Papua
June 27, 2012

Source: Tabloid Jubi
Translated by Tapol
Via West Papua Media

According to the Network for Law Enforcement and Human Rights in the central highlands, JAPHPT, the Criminal Code requires that those who were responsible for shooting Mako Tabuni should be brought to justice.

If the police believed that Tabuni was the mastermind of all the shootings, they should have arrested him and produced evidence of this. The chairman of the JAPHPT, Theo Hesegem, said that the way the police had handled the arrest, along with the shooting of Tabuni, had eliminated any evidence they might have had about what Tabuni was carrying.

They have also, in the process, demonised the Papuan people and damaged Indonesia’s reputation in the international community.

Indonesia is a state that recognises the rule of law and should act in accordance with the Criminal Code regarding the person who shot Tabuni.

Meanwhile, the chief of police of Jayapura City, AKB Alfred Papare now admits that its reputation has been damaged by the shooting of Tabuni. He went on to say however that the police had acted in accordance with police procedures because of reports that the victim was in possession of a firearm.

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