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From: Jennifer Robinson: The UN’s Chequered Record in West Papua

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  1. Dear Attorney J. Robinson from Kurt Spehr in Tampa, Florida
    I have finished my book with 3 legal proofs of Indonesian Genocide that are undeniable. Please get the copy I sent to Benny Wenda for review and review it by reading all of it and e-mailing me comments you may have about making the book better. I have decided to put a map of West Papua on the front cover with the title, “I survived the Biak Massacre! Can you secure permission from Filep Karma to use his name concerning the Biak Massacre. I want to give him a partial share of the royalty. The Royalty will be shared with Benny Wenda, Herman Wainggai, and Filep Karma, and myself. I wanted a photo of Benny with his “bird of paradise” headress. Actually the cover is holding up publication of this very important book giving three undeniable proofs that Indonesia has been engaged in a 54 year long unlawful genocide in West Papua and it is being sped up! I need your help in helping Benny see why the book attempts to sum up the Free West Papua Campaign involving many West Papuans. As a trained paralegal and author, I am attempting to present the truth about Indonesia’s unlawful genocide and evidence that will be sent in the manner of a free book to the Secretary of the U.N. to prove Indonesia needs to be reproved for its unlawful genocide against the Melanesian Tribes of West Papua.
    Kurt Spehr aka ghost author “James Parker”
    9816 Bridgeton Drive, Tampa Florida, 33626-1802
    Cell phone 941-580-1018
    I have been helping Benny, and Herman Wainggai for many years as I could.
    Sincerely, Kurt S. Spehr/Member National Paralegal Honor Society/United Methodist/U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard Retired

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