An Open Letter To President Yudhoyono

An Open Letter To President Yudhoyono

An Open Letter To President Yudhoyono Blog, Indonesia, The Struggle, West Papua
August 7, 2011
Dear Mr. President Yudhoyono,

Very few countries in the world have been able to keep their country’s borders intact for more than 100 years. And none as far as we know have achieved that for more than 200 years. Just face it; Sovereign borders are manmade, they are not static, they are dynamic. They are steered by the forces of time. It is misplaced to display a patriotic fighting spirit “to defend the nation”. What is there to defend when, for large parts, it’s own people do not share that view ? It takes a spirit far higher than the average bureaucrat rusting in his perpetual habit of naivety, blindly following slogans and rules just to secure their paycheck. It takes leaders with vision like the Gandhis, the Mandelas those who can foresee the inevitable. Those who recognize the current of the past that flows into the future. On the receiving end however there must be those who gracefully “lose” to gain with honor and respect. Those who don’t fight it but accommodate it and look to prosper for all people involved.

Face it Mr. President…..Indonesia is going to lose West Papua!

Sans rancune et sans prejudice.

– OPM (Orang Papua Manis)

Pure Papua

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