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April 25, 2012

Originally published on The Namorong Report

Today is the beginning of the end of many political careers – MANY SHORT-LIVED.

Personally, I’d like to see the Minister for Sport and Member for South Fly voted out of Office. I am 99% certain he’s going out and am part of the process of ensuring that my people in South Fly do get him voted out.

I live in Port Moresby, and while city slickers may be attracted to the bright lights at 5mile, set up by Governor Powes Parkop, months after his skwad removed the 5mile buai markets, the City of Port Moresby is much more filthy.

Perhaps it’s because the politicians have gotten themselves into a lot of dirt lately. And Governor Parkop is in bed with all these dirty politicians some of whom know how to party with bois at Sydney casinos.

The Capitalist pigs who were recently at the Prime Ministers’ political fundraiser are burning cash each time we the 99% go on strike. Things aren’t going to improve for them as they continue to back authoritarian regimes and force workers to go to work in “civilian” clothes.

There is however a risk of blind submission to the defence of PNG’s Constitution. Unlike most other Protestors, I am not someone who necessarily believes in PNGs Constitution. I lost faith in it when I was sitting in the Supreme Court when it handed down the Ramu Nickel case. Terry Kuning and Louis Medang sit at the Rai Coast of Madang Province – FAILED by a Constitution that I have recently been defending.

Why defend a Constitution that has for 36 years FAILED the people of PNG and continues to do so?

Recently, I have been talking about how this Constitution perpetuates the Colonial legacy. How this Constitution legitimizes the institutions of colonialism and in doing so perpetuates the subjugation of indigenous Melanesians.

One of my friends In Port Moresby could barely recognize the boy who came from Madang only a few weeks ago. Having given him a lecture over the phone about decolonizing the mind, he could not understand why I was supporting protests in defence of the Constitution.

My friend and I are not voting this election.

Firstly, if the elections are differed from April 27th to May 19th and we do vote during the differed elections, WE LEGITIMIZE THIS GOVERNMENT’S ACTIONS. By not voting we express our sovereign right as men who are born free OF NOT handing over any legitimacy to crooks. In doing so, we retain our sovereign right to protest illegitimate regimes.

Secondly, elections are a façade. Capitalists put money behind YES MEN who end up winning a popularity contest because they had the money to buy popularity. By voting, WE LEGITIMIZE AN UNDEMOCRATIC, UNMELANESIAN, AND RIGGED ELECTROL SYSTEM. Many honest, decent people can’t afford to stand for Public Office thus money determines who gets into office – not the voter.

Those who do not vote have the right to complain about politicians. Those who do vote have no right in essence because by being part of the electoral process they have consented to the election of corrupt politicians.

Papua New Guineans have waited for 37 years for Governments installed under this Constitution, to deliver and are still waiting. Perhaps it’s time to STOP WAITING FOR DEVELOPMENT TO COME. By protesting, I’ve inadvertently been perpetuating the myth that salvation comes from a foreign concept of Government.

For many rural Communities, it wouldn’t matter if a dog was Prime Minister because they’d wake up tomorrow morning and live much the same life their ancestors did for over 50,000 years. Perhaps in decolonizing my mind, I failed recently to recognize the inherent strength of this Papua New Guinean connectedness to land.

My friend reminded me that what truly defines a Papua New Guinean is the fact that we Papua New Guineans own land and that our bones will one day lie in the soil alongside our ancestors. Our traditional leaders were never bought and sold like the horse-trading that happens in Parliament under the nose of this Constitution.

This Constitution produced a State that killed 15,000 Bougainvilleans, Destroyed the Fly River and is creating suffering amongst the Watut and Labu people of Morobe. Why defend it?

Our ancestors had a model of development that served them well. Today, trail-blazing Communities like the Saussie in Madang Province are a leading example how of Our Papua New Guineans Ways are far more relevant and superior to anything suggested by World Bank and AUSAID Consultants.

Em graun blong mipela! Graun em laip! We are a nation of free and independent indigenous nations.

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