Wrath: Enforcers of Order vs Malaysians at BERSIH Rally

Wrath: Enforcers of Order vs Malaysians at BERSIH Rally Malaysia, News, Southeast Asia
April 30, 2012

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BERSIH means Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections. The group seeks from the Malaysian government what is enshrined in the fundamentals of human rights. The freedom to assemble and the freedom of association is a Malaysian right, similar to the rights of any human being in any country. Yet the deliberate infliction of pain and terror is a part of the Institution’s Grand Design. To subjugate, to enslave the people.

Yesterday was an experience that brought painful memories. The intense horror of being in our city, Kuala Lumpur, with other inspiring Malaysians, and being confronted by a horde of Malaysian police.

The police responded with hideous rage, on a blistering sunny day ~ as if the sunshine gave no room for peace. Bersih protested in peace, it condemns all forms of violence. Yet the police responded over-zealously, in a calculated hate and unmatched fury. Their wrath was upon us, even towards the journalists seizing their equipment and disabling their right to report. Disorder followed the moment the police attacked. The Institution unleashed their mayhem. Last year the same madness was shoved down our throats.

Welcome to Malaysia. Welcome to my country that is in the cesspool of hypocrisy. Welcome to a country that has spear-headed many violent suppression to those who do not conform to the Institution’s way of life. Welcome, welcome, be damned.


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