Who Bombed Belarus..?

Who Bombed Belarus..?

Who Bombed Belarus..? Belarus, Europe, News, Russia
April 15, 2011

Originally published April 13 2011 on liam-theactivist.blogspot.com
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The only thing currently clear about Monday’s terrorist attack in Minsk is its savagery.

At the height of rush hour in one of the Belarusian capital’s busiest stations, the bomb packed with nails and ball-bearings for maximum damage, killed twelve and wounded some two hundred more.

Amongst the shocked and devastated mourners two questions are now ringing out: who did this – and why?

The confusion is underscored by the fact that Belarus, Europe’s last dictatorship, faces barely any active terrorist threat. The mainstream democratic opposition movement is almost invariably on the receiving end of political violence, facing beatings, imprisonment and torture in response to their peaceful protests. Islamic extremism, unlike in neighbouring Russia, is hardly on the radar. And domestic neo-fascism, though potentially a rising force, has yet to spawn any group capable of this kind of attack, which would nevertheless be out-of-keeping with such ideology considering that the majority of victims were inevitably white Belarusian commuters.

read the entire article at Lukashenko, Belarus and the Mystery Bomb

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