West Papua to Challenge Illegal Indonesian Occupation in UN Court

West Papua to Challenge Illegal Indonesian Occupation in UN Court

West Papua to Challenge Illegal Indonesian Occupation in UN Court Indonesia, Netherlands, News, West Papua
March 27, 2011

West Papua’s battle for independence is finally gaining momentum in the international community.

Papuan activist, Rev. Socratez Sofyan Yoman – during the launch of his new book ‘OPM – Otonomi, Pemekaran dan Merdeka (Autonomy, Redistricting & Freedom)’ – announced:

“a team of 50 lawyers, led by Melinda Janki of Guyana, is preparing to challenge the UN, US, & Netherlands regarding the [bogus] ‘Act of Free Choice.'”

They are taking their grievance all the way to the International Court in the Hague.

The New York Agreement & the “so-called” Act of Free Choice

@MargotMain reports on presstorm.com:
“In 1962 the U.S. Kennedy administration led talks that resulted in the “New York Agreement.” This agreement formalized West [Papua] to become part of Indonesia; but, included a clause that obligated Jakarta to hold a UN monitored election for self-determination for the people of West [Papua] no later than 1969.”

So, after the 7-year provisional period of Indonesian colonial rule, the people of West Papua were supposed to have had the opportunity to vote whether to remain part of Indonesia, or opt for independent statehood.

US diplomatic cables of the time show that Indonesia could never have won a fair vote, & they knew it too. So they didn’t bother.

Of a million men & women only a thousand Papuans were allowed to vote, and those were threatened by Indonesian military officials with torture if they did not vote in favor of continued Indonesian colonial rule.

The world at large, including the UN, knew the vote had not been implemented freely.

“And then there’s Kissinger and the whole Freeport mine business.” – West Papuan lawyer Edison Waromi

In 2000, Henry Kissinger, the former U.S. secretary of state accepted Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid’s invitation to be an unpaid adviser to the Indonesian government. Kissinger professed “I accepted out of friendship for the Indonesian people and the importance I attach to the Indonesian nation.”

An Asian Times editorial once ran:

“Kissinger is an accomplished liar in the service of his nation and his personal image. Not to mention his bank account. The strength of his fellowship for the Indonesian people is at least rivaled by that of his financial ties to the world’s largest gold mine, located in West Papua.”

Kissinger sits on the board of New Orleans-based Freeport McMoRan Gold and Copper, the majority shareholder in the massive Grasberg mining operation, which is Indonesia’s biggest taxpayer, to the tune of a billion dollars a year.

Freeport also employs the Indonesian Military as a private security force, the same military that’s extinguished an estimated 400,000 Papuan lives during the slow genocide that remains in effect.

It seems West Papua’s only sin is being full of copper and gold, most of which the indigenous population never profits from. Indonesia’s presence in West Papua constitutes a BRUTAL COLONIAL OCCUPATION, ILLEGAL under UN law.

Indeed, last summer saw the release of shocking videos showing Indonesian special forces ruthlessly torturing Papuan citizens, followed by a concentrated effort by the Indonesian government to wage a cyber-war against NGOs that tried to publicized the videos. These videos eventually saw the light of day on several major television networks and were widely disseminated by activists around the internet.

West Papuan Independence is an issue who’s time has come. The case against the bogus ‘Act of Free Choice’ is expected to begin in August of this year.

“For all the people in Papua, continue to pray for this effort.” – Rev. Yoman

for additional information about the upcoming proceeding please visit http://tabloidjubi.com/


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  1. kissinger says:

    You’re pathetic, u will never ever get your territory back, as long as you still have gold and resources, its belong to Americans.

  2. bernie mcclafferty says:

    As an Aussie I am ashamed of my Government lack of action for our old mates in Papua (fuzzy wuzzy angels) I would do ANYTHING! I can to stop the Indonesian’s and their murder, rape & torture of the Papuans. Please tell me how I can help more than I already have so far?

    • Bernie,
      Thanks so much for your support! The best thing you can do is too keep spreading the message about Papua’s struggle, and write to your representatives in government demanding accountability from Indonesia on human rights.

      If you use social media, spread the word there as well. If we can succeed in making Papua an international issue of concern, Indonesia will have to listen.

      There is plenty of discontent with governance in other areas of Indonesia as well – even among prominent business people and public officials. So there is even support for Papuan independence within Indonesia.

      With enough pressure, I believe we can force a referendum in West Papua, and begin to see some real change.




  4. Castro II says:

    Its about time, there is revolution for freedom all over the world including the uprising in Arabian countries, Papuans should decide for themselves now. Full support.

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