West Papua Information Kit (concerning Freeport)

West Papua Information Kit (concerning Freeport)

West Papua Information Kit (concerning Freeport) Indonesia, News, USA, West Papua
January 6, 2012

Source: antoniuni.wordpress.com

Before the Rockefellers sent (1961) Michael Rockefeller to this part of West Papua, at the end of 1960, fellow Freeport director Robert Lovett purchased an introduction to Joe Kennedy and his son U.S. President elect John F Kennedy, to whom Lovett suggested people to be appointed to various positions (Sec. of State, Defence, Tresury, etc.).

On 28 Dec, 1960 Kennedy announced that Lovett’s friend McGeorge Bundy was to be the U.S. National Securoty Adviser. It was McGeorge Bundy who talked the US government into sacrificing the freedoms and human rights of the people of West Papua with the New York Agreement.

Like the attempted blackmail in 1959 of a US official, the New York Agreement and the 1967 Freeport mining license from General Suharto seem to be the products of corruption. It seems unlikely President Kennedy would have trusted the advice of Robert Lovett or McGeorge Bundy if Kennedy had known of Robert Lovett’s Freeport connection to West New Guinea.

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