The Grasberg Mine: West Papua

The Grasberg Mine: West Papua

The Grasberg Mine: West Papua Indonesia, News, West Papua
June 30, 2010

The Freeport-McMoran mining company is guilty of human rights and environmental atrocities on a colossal scale.

The Grasberg Mine is the largest GOLD mine and the third largest COPPER mine in the world. An immense body of ore discovered in 1987 and the subsequent economic exploitation of West Papua’s natural resources, by both Indonesian and multinational companies, has fueled Papuan resentment, and enriched corporate giant Freeport-McMoran beyond all conservative sense.

A series of small attacks on mining employees and their families, beginning in 2009, [redacted] has done little to persuade Freeport-McMoran to slow down its fast rape of West Papua’s rich untold beauties.

At 234 million people, Indonesia is the 4th most populous nation in the world, behind only China, India and the United States. West Papua is an Indonesian Province, covering the western peninsula of the island of New Guinea. They have been seeking Independence since 1963.


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  1. chandran says:

    Sadly, the people oin Papua have no say even in the 21st century. Thanks to the UN and with help of the United States the land was delivered to Indonesia who are not Melanise but Malay-a different culture. The Dutch intende that Papua get independence but Surharto and Indonesia annexed it on the usual pretext of the so called “Cold War” -a fiction used by the West to enforce policies benefitting the powerful.
    Alas , today the UN refuses to push for reverseing its decisions and allowing independence-the Morning Star. Instead, the resources of Papua are being raped-the largest copper mine uses Papuans like slaves….sad but hopefully under Obama’s 2nd term-Papua and Papuans will be free to have their own Christian country!

  2. oke we don’t like the killer

  3. I am enjoying your posts.

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