#ThaiCoup Social Media Shutdown

#ThaiCoup Social Media Shutdown

#ThaiCoup Social Media Shutdown News, Thailand
May 28, 2014

It was the most social-media savvy coup in Thailand… The men in uniform are trying to get with the times. Perhaps they learned from Turkey’s Erdogan that they could block social media sites like Twitter and YouTube and still win an election. Or perhaps they underestimated how shutting down Twitter had backfired on Tunisia’s Ben Ali and helped fuel more protests. Either way, the Thai military thought the coup had to be carried out properly: on the ground and in cyberspace.
-Aim Sinpeng, University of British Columbia political scientist, Washington Post.

The Bangkok Post reports:

The Facebook website has been blocked in Thailand on Wednesday afternoon. Social media users across the country have not been able to access the site since 3pm.



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