Public Servants Bearing Witness Vol. 3

Public Servants Bearing Witness Vol. 3

Public Servants Bearing Witness Vol. 3 Afghanistan, Argentina, Central African Republic, Congo, Fiji, Haiti, News, Turkey, USA
March 29, 2013

Source: Public Servants Bearing Witness

Public Servants BEARING WITNESS serves as a supplement to mainstream news’ output. P.S. BEARING WITNESS was created to help maintain an informed public by covering the major international stories mainstream media has missed or oversimplified.

P.S. BEARING WITNESS is also a home for journalists to print the stories their editors won’t publish. Some of the contributors are part of mainstream media, other are freelancing in countries mainstream news thinks you don’t care about. Some contributors use pen names. Our philosophy is that if someone in the world has encountered a situation that affects others it’s our job as journalists to bear witness and report all sides of the story.


This issue’s stories include:
  • Why Does The Opposition in Turkey Like The President of Syria?
  • Scientists Find Proof of Sunken Continent in Indian Ocean
  • “All-Slovenian Suprising”
  • Un Rejects Compensation Claims for Epidemic Liked to Poor Sanitation at UN Camp in Haiti
  • Bulgarian Uprising: European Spring
  • Video of Brutality Surfaces in Fiji
  • Russian Vet MIA during Afghan War Found in Afghanistan 33 Years Later
  • Kurdish Militia in Syria Take Over Oil
  • Kashmir Valley shutdown after mysterious death of student
  • High Level Negotiations Between Serbia and Kosovo
  • Hungary approves Controversial changes to constitution
  • Mass Grave Found in Zimbabwe
  • Mett The Batek People of Malaysia
  • Cambodia Khmer Rouge co-founder Dies While on Trial for War Crimes
  • Zimbabweans Vote “Yes” for New Constitution
  • Country to Watch Colombia: Home to 2013’s City of the Year
  • A look into the budding art scene in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Moscow Court Begins Preliminary Hearing of Trial of Lawyer After His Death
  • EU court rules Spain evictions violate consumer protection laws
  • US Federal Judge Upholds Arizona Law Prohibiting Ethnic Studies
  • Bangladeshi President Dies
  • Central African Republic: President Flees as Rebels Take Over Capital
  • Cambodia Court Overturns Insurrection Conviction of Rights Activist
  • US College Pays for Student’s Sex Change Surgery
  • Argentina: Former Military Officials Convicted of “Dirty War” Crimes
  • My Biology Teacher Never Taught Me That?!
  • US High Court rules that Double Jeopardy Applies Even When Judge Makes Mistake by Freeing Individual



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