PsyWar – Wake UP!

PsyWar – Wake UP!

PsyWar – Wake UP! Features, News, Propaganda, Rockefeller
March 14, 2011

PsyOps? PsyWar – already here and you are the victims. Wake UP!

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This film explores the evolution of propaganda and public relations in the United States, with an emphasis on the “elitist theory of democracy” and the relationship between war, propaganda and class.

Includes original interviews with a number of dissident scholars including Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, Peter Phillips (“Project Censored”), John Stauber (“PR Watch”), Christopher Simpson (“The Science of Coercion”) and others.

I found an interview with the filmmaker for those interested –

“War, business and religion readily mix like a recipe for gunpowder”
-Humphrey King


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