Papuan Political Prisoners Reject Indo Government’s Amnesty Offer

Papuan Political Prisoners Reject Indo Government’s Amnesty Offer

Papuan Political Prisoners Reject Indo Government’s Amnesty Offer Indonesia, News, West Papua
May 29, 2013

Source: West Papua Media via Tabloid
/ Written by Victor Mambor

The bid by the Indonesian Government to grant amnesty for some political prisoners in Papua was rejected by political prisoners at Abepura penitentiary.

The Papuan political prisoners’ statement which was signed by 25 political prisoners serving sentences in Abepura prison stated the following:


“We reject the plan granting clemency by the President of the Republic of Indonesia.”

This statement, received by Jubi on Friday (24/05) reinforces the position of these political prisoners: they themselves do not need to be released from prison, but they demand the release of the people of West Papua from the colonial occupation by the Indonesian Republic.


A few hours earlier, the Minister of Law and Human Rights, Amir Syamsuddin, had conveyed to journalists at the Parliament Building in Jakarta that amnesty would be granted to political prisoners in Papua. He said:

“We are considering the granting of amnesty for political prisoners, because of the political background, especially the situation in Papua.”

The 25 political prisoners who rejected the amnesty offer by the Indonesian Government are:

1. Filep J.S. Karma
2. Victor F Yeimo
3. Selpius Bobii
4. A. Makbrawen Sananay Krasar
5. Dominikus Sarabut
Selpius_Bobii_akr6. Beni Teno
7. Alex Makabori
8. Nico D. Sosomar
9. Petrus Nerotou
10. Denny I Hisage
11. Dago Ronald Gobai
12. Jefry Wandikbo
13. Mathan Klembiab
14. Rendy W. Wetipo
15. Boas Gombo
16. Jhon Pekei
17. Oliken giyai
18. Panus Kogoya
19. Warsel Asso
20. Yunias Itlay
21. Timur Waker
22. Kondison Jikibalom
23. Serko Itlay
24. Japrai Murib
25. Yulianus Wenda

In Papua, until last April, according to the UK-based NGO, Tapol, there are around 40 political prisoners scattered in several prisons in Papua and West Papua.

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