Morning Star Rising Over West Papua

Morning Star Rising Over West Papua Indonesia, News, Pacific, West Papua
May 4, 2012

Jubi, 3 May, 2012 / Translated by Tapol

OPM To Fly Flags Three Days Throughout West Papua

The TPN/OPM [National Libration Army/Organisasi Papua Merdeka] is planning to fly Morning Star flags throughout the territory of West Papua for three days from 1 – 3 July this year, said Yusak Pakage, chairman of the Street Parliament.

He said that the State of West Papua was proclaimed on 1 July 1969 but was disbanded by Indonesia on the orders of President Sukarno when he proclaimed the People’s Three Commands (Trikora).

He went on to say that various institutions in West Papua such as the DPRP (Provincial Leislative Assembly), the chief of police and the MRP (Papuan People’s Council) have been notified of this plan. as well as church leaders, student organisatons and the Governor of Papua, along with a statement of their views.

‘Flags will be flown for three days and the authorities will be notified. We will seek assurances regarding the security situation from the chief of police and the armed forces,’

said Pakage. He went on to say that they hoped that no one would become victims during these events.

Pakage also expressed the hope that everyone now living in the Cenderawasih Homeland, indigenous Papuans as well as migrants, would preserve an atmoshere of harmony and avoid being provoked by issues spread by irresponsible sources.

‘We hope that there will be no loss of life during this event.’

Flags will be flown in public places around midday for three days running. He added that the TPN/OPM would guard the streets where the Morning Star flags are being flown. Pakage said:

‘The aim of this plan it to remind people that we continue to exist,’

When the head of the public relations office of the Papua Police was asked whether he could confirm this plan, he said he was unaware of it.

‘I will check later on. At the moment, I am in a meeting,’

he said briefly.


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