Lost Decade: Despite Military Persecution, Former Thai PM Thaksin Calls For Unity

Lost Decade: Despite Military Persecution, Former Thai PM Thaksin Calls For Unity

Lost Decade: Despite Military Persecution, Former Thai PM Thaksin Calls For Unity News, Southeast Asia, Thailand
September 18, 2018

12 Years from September 19, 2006 to September 19, 2018

Via “Oak” Panthongtae Shinawatra.

Today I wish all of us could for a moment, put ourself in the right frame of mind without any prejudice and seriously ask ourself whether since 12 years until now, Thailand has any much progress, be it in the areas of the educational system, public welfare, narcotic suppression, public health, justice system, our own economic well-being including of those around us, and most importantly on the issue of upholding our country’s dignity and the pride of our own nation.

During the past 12 years we have witnessed two military coups against the two elected Prime Ministers whom are brother and sister which received the highest popular support ever in history of Thai politics. Certainly there were people who benefited and got rich from the coups, but there were many more who suffered immensely in many aspects of life. The worst thing was the damage it had caused to the standing of our beloved country in the eye of the world community.

Is it not time for all of us to sit down together to start talking about how to find a way out for our country? Or should we continue to persistently fight each other just because of differing viewpoints or political background. We have already through this seen people loss of innocent lives, injuries and unjustified imprisonment. Many more were politically persecuted at the expense of their business, their career and their governmental positions, to the extent that one wanted to scream out loud and ask whether are we not all Thais after all. Have we and our country not suffered enough already until now? Where has all the Siamese smile gone? Whether we should stay this path while the rest of the world dedicate their brain to new innovation to bring progress to their countries. Thailand has been left behind in every field. If we could only open our minds and not contain ourselves as a little frog in a coconut shell, we would realize that there are so many areas that need to be urgently addressed.

New technology which the world now benefits from it will soon go after and disrupt any country that cannot adjust itself fast enough, let alone countries that do not consider adjusting entirely.

On this 12th years anniversary I wish to openly express my deepest sadness on what has happened to Thailand. Apart from what I had suffered personally from having lost the warmth and happiness of my family and the days that we, as mother, father and children used to warmly enjoy together as to now we have to live apart, I am saddened every time when those who love me and support me are bullied and unfairly persecuted.

Most important of all, nothing hurts me more than seeing my beloved country where I was born, grown up in, and once had the opportunity to proudly serve as Prime Minister, has fallen into such a sad state.

Even though I am entering the age of 70 years I feel so disheartened when my lifelong accumulated experience especially during the past 12 years could not be put to good use for the benefit of our country and people.

I wish to thank all the people for not forgetting me during this past 12 years and still remember me and continue to constantly send me their best wishes.

Finally I, here today, wish to extend my forgiveness to all those people notwithstanding those that have falsely accused me or persecuted me.

Thaksin Shinawatra




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