Letters of solidarity flood in their thousands for Filep Karma

Letters of solidarity flood in their thousands for Filep Karma

Letters of solidarity flood in their thousands for Filep Karma Indonesia, News, Pacific, West Papua
March 21, 2012

Source: West Papua Media Alerts

Kontras and Filep Karma’s family with some of the nearly 7300 letters sent by international supporters of Karma (Photo: West Papua Media)

Filep Karma, is one of the political prisoners given sentences of 15 years of imprisonment by the government of Indonesia, by raising the Morning Star flag, on December 1, 2004, at Trikora field, Abepura. Ever since a period of 7 years, and 3 months of his prison sentence have lasted in Abepura prison. During captivity Filep Karma received letters of solidarity sent by the International community through the office of the Commission for missing people and victims of violence in Papua (KontrasPapua). Nearly 7292 letters of support have been sent in the period of 2011 until 2012.

United for the truth (BUK) and Kontras Papua held a Press Conference on March 19, 2012, and immediately submit a letter of support to the family representative of Filep Karma. Andrefina Karma, Filep Karmas second daughter said ” International Community support is strong solidarity for the freedom of my father, the people there once a month hold a simple campaign in front of the Indonesian embassy and called for the unconditional release of Filep Karma”, she said.

Letters that came from different parts of the world proved that there is support for political prisoners in Papua. Olga Hamadi, Director of Kontras Papua says” the government should not close her eyes for the injustice suffered by political prisoners in Papua, both in conditions of health and food at the prison, which received less serious attention”, she said. She also denied the statement by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia during a visit to Papua saying that there are no political prisoners in Papua.

Filep Karma is one of figures of political prisoners who never made a compromise with the Government of Indonesia. He rejected any form of clemency, amnesty, and abolition that is given by the Government. ” If I receive clemency, that means I ask for forgiveness to the government, but I do not feel guilty at all, I am just making a peaceful protest. Indonesia is a democratic country, am I wrong to fight for the basic rights of indigenous Papuans?

“I will continue to undergo a period of detention up to 15 years in prison, if you want to release me, I ask to be released unconditionaly”, Filep Karma said, as he was undergoing physiotherapy treatment in DOK II general hospital.


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