Jayapura mother and her 5 year old son arrested by Detachment 88

Jayapura mother and her 5 year old son arrested by Detachment 88

Jayapura mother and her 5 year old son arrested by Detachment 88 Australia, Indonesia, News, Pacific, USA, West Papua
July 28, 2012

Source: West Papua Barat
Translated by AK Rockefeller

A Jayapura mother, Kristin Kogoya, and her 5 year old son, Lokpere Wene were arrested and detained by the Indonesian military and Police special anti-terrorist squad, Detachment 88, in Jayapura on Thursday July 26th at 8:00am Papua time while attempting to attend the trial of KNPB Chairman Buchtar Tabuni at the District Court.

Mrs Kogoya was trying to cover the the trial of KNPB Chairman, Buchtar Tabuni, in Jayapura, who was also recently arrested by the Indonesia military on vague and trumped-up charges. Thanks to their very special and expensive training courtesy of the governments of the United States and Australia, heavily armed officers of the special anti-terrorist unit, Detachment 88, were able to capture and kidnap a mother and child at gunpoint.

Authorities are not allowing activists to attend and cover Buchtar Tabuni’s trial, but as a mother, Kristina Kogoya felt sympathy for his plight and for the suffering of the Papuan people. She therefore resolved to attend the trial anyway, but was then arrested.

Detachment 88 was also responsible for the recent shooting (assassination) of KNPB Vice-Chairman, Mako Tabuni, on June 14th during a so-called “botched arrest” in front of his home at the National Housing in Waena. The same “anti-terrorist” force had also previously kidnapped Desi Kogoya, Kristina Kogoya’s 8 year old daughter, Desi Kogoya has still never been returned to her family and remains missing.

The Indonesian military and police are specially trained to kidnap, kill and terrorize people in order to silence the aspirations of the Papuan independence movement and to crush any hope of a referendum to re-examine Papua’s political status, which the KNPB have been campaigning for.

Fearing that the Free West Papua movment and the trial of Buchtar Tabuni might spiral out of their control, Indonesian authorities have captured & kidnapped a mother and her 5-year old son. We are calling upon friends of Papua around the world to spread this news and expose the cowardice of these occupying forces.

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  1. The Papuans wiil never give up their struggle for freedom. It is their land and too much happened after 1962 — they never forget the silent genocide

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