Federal Republic of West Papua is registered at the UN

Federal Republic of West Papua is registered at the UN

Federal Republic of West Papua is registered at the UN News, Pacific, West Papua
March 2, 2012

JUBI, 2 March 2012
Translated by Tapol

At the latest hearing of the trial of Forkorus Yaboisembut, Forkorus announced that the proclamation of the Federal Republic of West Papua had been registered with the UN Security Council in order to receive international recognition. This happened on 26 February, said Edison Waromi, the prime minister of the Federal Republic of West Papua, in response to questions from the judge at the trial.

He also announced that they had received an acknowledgement from the secretariat of the UN. The registration of the Federal Republic at the UN has been recorded under No Rr.827567846 BT, he told the court.

Forkorus also confirmed this, and went on to say that the Papuan people should work together to get recognition of the Federal Republic and should stop calling for a referendum or for dialogue. ‘Let us focus on getting international recognition,’ he said .

‘Very soon, there will be a country that will recognise our independence and our people should prepare themselves to support this,’ said Forkorus without mentioning which country he had in mind.

Hariyadi Wirawan, an international observer connected with the University of Indonesia, said: ‘This move is intended to get international recognitions because the problem of West Papua has never being solved. What is being demanded for West Papua would follow the scenario of the independence of Kosovo which succeeded in gaining recognition of its independence with the help of an international institution.’

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