Cyber Attacks Target Human Rights Websites

Cyber Attacks Target Human Rights Websites

Cyber Attacks Target Human Rights Websites Indonesia, News, Pacific, West Papua
October 31, 2010

West Papua on the Brink

Several NGO websites fighting for Human Rights in the embattled Indonesian province of West Papua have endured coordinated Cyber Attacks by the Indonesian Government, this past week.

The organizations–
Survival International,
The Asian Human Rights Commission,
West Papua Media Alerts,
The Free West Papua Campaign
and Friends of People Close to Nature– had all hosted irrefutable video evidence of West Papuans being tortured in the most horrific ways imaginable by Indonesian Security Forces.

The Indonesian Government for decades has denied that such brutality existed, but this time the proof was too widespread, thanks to the internet, that even they had to publicly admit the truth of it.

Unfortunately, the acts of torture exposed in these videos are only the tip of the iceberg.

Indonesia is emerging on the world stage with Papuan blood on its hands. And things are going to get worse before they get better!

Will the international community, once more, stand silently by as innocent people are terrorized, murdered and tortured in their own homes, simply for exercising their right to free speech?

The people of West Papua have a right to self-determination whose day is long overdue, and which no nation can reasonably deny. Don’t let us be on the wrong side of history when thousands of innocent lives hang in the balance.

Support West Papua!


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