Church Leaders Recommend Self-Determination for West Papua

Church Leaders Recommend Self-Determination for West Papua

Church Leaders Recommend Self-Determination for West Papua Aceh, Indonesia, Maluku, News, Pacific, West Papua
December 23, 2011

Source: Papuan Voices
Translated by AK Rockefeller

PAPUAN, Jayapura — The Papuan nationalism that has been building for a long time, triggered by systematic violence and injustice, has prompted us (the leadership Geereja) to submit to President SBY that the desire for independence and sovereignty has solidified.

Universal Churches in solidarity with the churches and the voice of the people of God in the land of Papua have recommended the right to Papuan self-determination to President SBY.

It was submitted by the Chairman of the Board of Stewards Center Fellowship of Baptist churches, Rev. Socrates Yoman Sofyan, MA, during a press conference held this afternoon, Thursday (22/12) in the Office of Synod KIGMI, Jayapura, Papua.

According Yoman, the face of Indonesia in Papua was one of massacre, murder, rape, military operations, discrimination, and various other negative stigmas.

“Papuans are always identified as separatists, rebels, TPN / OPM. It gives legitimacy to the government of Indonesia to continue to kill more and more indigenous Papuan people, “said Yoman.

Yoman went on to say that the Autonomy Act, regarded as a political solution to the Papua issue, has also failed miserably.

“We have concluded that the Special Autonomy Law has failed, but the government is now trying force UP4B upon us again. Especially in this UP4B, Papuans are given no participation in compiling the laws,” added Yoman.

During the meeting, Yoman also said the Church made several additional proposals to the President, asking them to withdraw all non-organic troops from Papua, free political prisoners, and revoke PP. 77/2007 regarding the prohibition of the use of symbols associated with separatists in Aceh, Maluku and Papua.

“We also asked for an immediate stop to the Operation Tuntas Matoa 2011 which have been ongoing in Paniai since December 12th, and which has killed 14 civilians, wounding dozens of others, and burning many villages,” added Yoman.

Concluding his comments, Yoman said that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has also promised to come back to meet with Church leaders in mid January 2012.

“We will return to meet with SBY in the third week of January 2012,” added Yoman.

Also attending the press conference were Rev. Dr. Benny Giay, Chairman of the Synod of the Kingmi in land of Papua, and a former Chairman of PGI, Rev. Dr. Phil Erari.

AK Rockefeller

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  1. Dr. Greg Smith says:

    I am disheartened by what’s happening in West Papua, particularly by the inaction and silence of the Australian government.

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