Attitude Readjustment to Stop Your Thoughts

Attitude Readjustment to Stop Your Thoughts

Attitude Readjustment to Stop Your Thoughts News, Southeast Asia, Thailand
September 14, 2015

Phumtham Wachayachai, the present secretary of Pheu Thai Party, had expressed his concerns about the situation in Thailand. The recent situation was when Pichai Nariptapan and Karoon Hosakul were detained by the junta for “attitude readjustment” — their offence, for publicly expressing opinions that differ from the authorities.

Phumtham believed they should not be forced to think in conformity in “any civilized country” even if their sincere thoughts may differ from others, including the country’s leader. He felt that different opinions are beneficial as long as they do not provoke violence, as violence will not resolve Thailand’s issues.

Diverse viewpoints are useful checks and balances for the people and country.

Phumtham was also concerned when Wattana Muangsuk, a former Pheu Thai Member of Parliament, was attacked by a man at a car park. Wattana suspects that the incident was politically-driven because he publicly expressed his political viewpoint, and that he claimed he had no personal rivalry.

Phumtham calls to all affected parties to not allow such incidents damage the people and the country, and condemns all forms of violence.

Violence does not contribute positive outcomes to the country.

Summarized from Daily News. In Thai see:

Who is Next?

Thailand Junta Politics

As reported by a journalist, Wassana Nanuam, the Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha had said whoever “talks too much” (that’s negative towards the army) must also have their attitude readjusted. And he added that Phumtham will be next.



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