Amnesty International: Continuing Violations of Human Rights in Indonesia

Amnesty International: Continuing Violations of Human Rights in Indonesia

Amnesty International: Continuing Violations of Human Rights in Indonesia Aceh, Indonesia, Maluku, News, Pacific, Timor-Leste, West Papua
June 6, 2011
In its annual report for 2011 Amnesty International issued a broad condemnation of performance for Indonesian security forces and of the Indonesian judicial system, singling out for particular criticism their role in West Papua and Maluku:

“The security forces tortured and otherwise ill-treated detainees, and used excessive force against protesters, sometimes leading to death.”

“No adequate accountability mechanisms were in place to ensure justice or act as an effective deterrent against police abuses. The criminal justice system remained unable to address ongoing impunity for current and past human rights violations. Restrictions on freedom of expression were severe in areas such as Papua and Maluku.”

“Security forces tortured and otherwise ill-treated detainees, particularly criminal suspects from poor and marginalized communities, and those suspected of pro-independence activities in Papua and Maluku provinces.”

“Two videos which emerged in 2010 revealed members of the police and military torturing and otherwise ill-treating Papuan men. The first video showed Yawan Wayeni, a Papuan political activist, just before his death in August 2009.”

Amnesty International observed that despite severe abdominal injuries

“Wayeni was denied medical assistance by the police.”

“The second video showed Papuans being kicked and otherwise physically abused by members of the Indonesian military, and two Papuan men being tortured during interrogation.”

The AI report noted also that

“Indonesian officials confirmed the authenticity of both videos.”

Amnesty writes that

“Freedom of expression continued to be suppressed.”

For example, Ardiansyah Matra, a journalist covering corruption and illegal logging in Papua, was found dead in the province in July.

“At least 100 political activists were in prison for peacefully expressing their views in areas seeking independence such as Maluku and Papua.”

Amnesty calls attention also the case of Filep Karma.

Amnesty reports that

“Impunity for past gross human rights violations in Aceh, Papua, Timor-Leste and elsewhere continued… Most past human rights violations against human rights defenders, including torture, murder and enforced disappearances, remained unsolved and those responsible were not brought to justice.”

***This is from the West Papua Report series produced by the non-profit West Papua Advocacy Team (WPAT) drawing on media accounts, other NGO assessments, and analysis and reporting from sources within West Papua. This report is co-published with the East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN).


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