7 Papuans Arbitrarily Arrested, Tortured and Interrogated by Indonesian Police

7 Papuans Arbitrarily Arrested, Tortured and Interrogated by Indonesian Police

7 Papuans Arbitrarily Arrested, Tortured and Interrogated by Indonesian Police Indonesia, News, West Papua
February 21, 2013

Source: Asian Human Rights Commission via
West Papua National Coalition for Liberation

Seven Papuans Are Arrested And Tortured On False Allegations Of Having A Relationship With Pro-Independence Activists

The Asian Human Rights Commission are reporting that seven West Papuan men were arbitrarily arrested, tortured and interrogated, in two separate incidents, by Indonesian police on February 15th, 2013.

First Incident

While on their way home, Daniel Gobay, Arsel Kobak and Eneko Pahabol were stopped by an unmarked silver police car. Five police officers pointed their weapons at Daniel, Arsel and Eneko. They were ordered to crawl on their bellies to the police station, 30 metres away, where they were interrogated on the whereabouts of Terianus Satto and Sebby Sambom, two pro-independence activists they have no relationship with. They were taken to a larger police station located in Jayapura where they were severely beaten, kicked and electrocuted before being released without charges the next day.


The police officers pressed the barrels of their guns to their heads and forced them into their mouths and ears.

Arsel Kobak told the AHRC that he was asked to take his clothes off and kicked on his head, face and back by the police officers. As a result, his mouth and nose were bleeding, his forehead was wounded and he is now experiencing hearing difficulties.

Second Incident

Later on the same day, police stopped another car which carrying Yosafat Satto, Salim Yaru, Matan Klembiap and Obed Bahabol.


The police officers were wearing civilian clothes and carrying Pindad SS-1 assault rifles which they pointed at Yosafat and his friends. They were taken to Jayapura District Police Station. As they arrived, they were ordered to take their clothes off before the police officers started beating and electrocuting them.


The officers also pressed their guns to their heads and asked whether they know anything about the whereabouts of Terianus Satto and Sebby Sambom. When they told the police they didn’t know the men the officers tortured them more severely.

They were kicked, beaten with rattan sticks on their backs until they were scarred and bleeding and electrocuted on their faces.

They were then taken to be interrogated separately. Obed Bahabol was the first person to be questioned. He told activists a police officer jammed the barrel of his gun to his mouth so forcefully that his tooth was broken. The officer also repeatedly beat Obed on his forehead until he was bleeding.



The next day, five of the seven men were released without charge. Daniel Gobay and Matan Klembiap remain in the police custody, allegedly for possessing bladed weapons. However, the charge and the reason for their detention is still unclear. Neither has had any legal representation as of the time of this writing.

This is a truncated version of an article from the Asian Human Rights Commision. Read the full article


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