3,000 Papuans Gather in Jayapura for Pro-Independence Rally

3,000 Papuans Gather in Jayapura for Pro-Independence Rally

3,000 Papuans Gather in Jayapura for Pro-Independence Rally Indonesia, News, Pacific, West Papua
November 14, 2011

Source: The Jakarta Globe

Thousands of protesters staged a pro-independence rally in Indonesia’s restive and resource-rich Papua region Monday demanding a referendum for self-determination.

More than 3,000 native Papuans, some in traditional grass skirts, walked 13 kilometers from Abepura city to the provincial capital Jayapura to meet local lawmakers.

Protest coordinator Mako Tabuni said:

“The Papuan people have asked for an immediate referendum for self-determination. We reject any dialogue with Jakarta. The referendum is non-negotiable.”

Dozens of armed police attempted to block the protesters but failed to stop them from reaching the local house of representatives in Jayapura, where another 100 police waited on guard.

A local police chief, Ari Sirait, said:

“We hope the protest doesn’t turn anarchic.”

Last Month’s Demonstrations

In late October, armed security forces stormed a pro-independence assembly when a group of Papuan leaders declared the region’s independence and raised the Papuan Morning Star separatist flag.

At least three were killed in the clash, and videos recently broadcast on Australian television showed police beating unarmed protestors, including children.

Papua’s Long Path

For decades, ethnic Papuans have rejected the region’s special autonomy status within Indonesia and poorly armed separatist groups have fought a low-level insurgency.

A self-determination referendum in 1969 that officially handed Jakarta power over Papua was widely seen as rigged.

Indonesia has strict treason laws and courts have handed down stiff penalties — from 20 years in jail to life — for people caught with separatist symbols such as the Papuan Morning Star.


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