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May 1, 2010

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“I think you know…”

AK Rockefeller WMDs Video

We don’t possess WMDs, barely any modern weapons to speak of, instead, we have to use KULTUR as our weapon of mass destruction. But information is the new leveler.

We are growing in number as we speak, getting stronger, richer, more wise and powerful. We will sever the invisible hand that holds the knife to our throats, & mock our enemies, openly, honestly, without fear of remorse, or repercussion. What does it mean to be free? Let’s see for ourselves.

AK Rockefeller

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AK Rockefeller

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  1. piperjohn3 says:

    Took a while to find the link, but smokin polyrythmic electrobeats and subtle hypnotic production. Laughing chick is hot. Reminds me of the great Bill Laswell’s experimentations. Excellent art. Moar pls.

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