Passport Music, Soundtrack to the New World Order
September 28, 2010

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“To leave a country is like breaking out of jail, and to enter a country is like going through the eye of a needle. Am I free to travel?… Only with a passport.”

Do you think you are free? Are you able to even move about this earth freely? Do you ever consider why it is that you need a document issued by a government in order to leave your own home, or come back?

Why should people be subjected to interrogation and scrutiny by an authority every time they decide to go somewhere? It’s as if individuals are considered dangerous or guilty of something by default. And yet, what is actually more dangerous than the Authority that issues visas and passports.

Doesn’t it seem absurd that trade agreements and laws enable commodities to travel more freely than human beings? Is there some reason why we would want to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world, or the rest of the world from us? What are governments afraid of? Are they scared because allowing individuals to discover the world makes them less amenable to coercion and subjugation?

Passports are a symbol of oppression, and are a violation of the individual’s right to be where he or she pleases.


Krishnamurti once said, “To love anything beautiful in a country is normal and natural, but when that love is used by exploiters in their own interest it is called nationalism. Nationalism is fanned into imperialism, and then the stronger people divide and exploit the weaker, with the Bible in one hand and a bayonet in the other. The world is dominated by the spirit of cunning, ruthless exploitation, from which war must ensue. This spirit of nationalism is the greatest stupidity.”

AK Rockefeller

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AK Rockefeller

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  1. very nice. i like it a lot.

  2. Verity Rothschild says:

    Love this tune! Too true!!!!xXx

  3. Murray Regan says:

    Hard for Indigenous without a Birth Certificate to get a Pass Port. Yet, who are you? showing up on Australian teritory.

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