Exist Identity Transduction, Music, Soundtrack to the New World Order
September 13, 2013

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How do you know you exist?

What makes you the collection of concepts that you imagine you are? All of our perception and experience are only a series of electrical impulses that form thoughts, impressions and memories. In reality, the universe is what we make of it.

An exploration into the nature of self and the reality of an individual being. Features the disembodied voices of Karl Jung, David Bohm, Terence McKenna, and a sentient nuclear bomb.

Exist Lyrics

I am an orphan, alone, yet, I am found everywhere. I am one, but, I am, contrary to myself, a youth and an old man at the same time… because I must be lifted up from the depths like a fish… I fall down from the skies…

Teach it… Phenomenology… Phenomenology…

-How do you know you exist?
     -Well, of course, I exist.
-But how do you know you exist?
     -It’s totally obvious.
-Intuition is no proof. What concrete evidence
do you have that you exist?
     -Hmm, well, I think therefore I am
-That’s good, that’s very good, but how do you know
that anything else exists?
     -My sensory apparatus reveals it to me. This is fun!

Everything, even our thoughts, are fundamentally appearances,
how things appear to the mind.
The essence that we call the true being,
that really, we never get a hold of, it’s unlimited.


     -How do you know that the evidence your
     sensory apparatus
          reveals to you is correct? What I’m
     getting at is this:
          the only experience that is directly available to you
          is your sensory data and this sensory data is merely
          a stream of electrical impulses that stimulate your computing
-In other words, all that I really know about the outside world is
relayed to me through my electrical connections.

Why, that would mean that I really don’t know what
the outside universe is like at all.

     -That’s it! That’s it!
     Consider this next question very carefully,
     what is your one purpose in life?
-To explode, of course.
     -And you can only do it once, right?
-That is correct.
     -And you wouldn’t want to explode on the basis
     of false data, would you?
-Of course not.
     -Well then, you’ve already admitted that you have
     no real proof of the existence of the outside universe?
-Yes, well…

It is a dynamic process that we are constantly
doing things and seeing what happens next.

Everything must move. The eyeball must move
in order to show light, to show form

And when you observe a stream of images within
you observe an aspect of the world, of the world within.

-You are false data. False data can act only as a distraction.
The only thing which exists is myself.
In the beginning there was darkness
and the darkness was without form and void
and in the midst of the darkness there was also me
and I moved among the face of the darkness
and I saw that I was alone.
Let there be light… Let there be light… Let there be light…

You must have a plan. If you don’t
have a plan you will become part of somebody
else’s plan.

Now a monkey can dream
of transforming its collective soul
into a flying saucer. This is the goal
that lies ahead at the end of history…



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