West Papua – 3 Documentaries by Damien Faure

West Papua – 3 Documentaries by Damien Faure France, Indonesia, Pacific, Videos, West Papua
May 9, 2012

For more than 40 years, the Indonesian government has been conducting an aggressive colonialization policy against the Papua population of Western New Guinea (formerly Irian Jaya) marked by intense violence. Despite the world’s indifference, the Papuans are fighting for recognition of their political and cultural identity.

In their quest for their rights, members of the Papuan elite created the Papuan freedom
movement OPM (Organisasi Papua Merdeka). The OPM has two separate branches — the political branch and the military branch headed by the rebel chief General Bernard Mawen.

French filmmaker Damien Faure has filmed the Papuan freedom fighters for the past 10 years. (c) www.aaaproduction.fr

3 Documentaries by Damien Faure

  • West Papua 52 min / 2002
  • Sampari 52 min / 2008
  • La colonisation oubliée 22 min / 2010 (Colonisation goes unseen)

4 musical compositions by Ravi Shardja

  • Komando papua 25’04
  • Maggundi 09’23
  • Go isi isi 15’18
  • Go fas 18’16

1 Book with 2 articles of Le Monde Diplomatique

(c) www.aaaproduction.fr
Matthieu Lamotte

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