The Siege of Kachin State

The Siege of Kachin State Asia, Burma, China, Myanmar, Southeast Asia, Videos
January 28, 2013

(NOTE: This video is now 6 months old already, but the situation has not improved at all for the Kachin in the meantime.)

Are the ethnic people in Burma being abandoned? The ethnic Kachins are under siege in northern Burma. Hundreds of battalions of Burmese troops have surrounded Kachin state, causing over 60,000 refugees (internally displaced people) to flee.

While the world is dropping sanctions against the military regime in Burma the Kachins are fending off a siege. Woman are raped and killed and thousands of children suffer. It appears as if the world is ignoring the Kachin war and downplaying the crisis so they can grab the region’s resources.

The international community should demand the Burma army withdraw from Kachin State immediately.



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