The Politics Of Genocide: White Supremacy, Ideology And Corporate Control

The Politics Of Genocide: White Supremacy, Ideology And Corporate Control Africa, Australia, Canada, Congo, Europe, Israel, North America, Propaganda, Rwanda, USA, Videos
April 25, 2012

Source: Intercontinental City

In this eye-opening presentation, veteran war correspondent Keith Harmon Snow examines: White Supremacy Ideology, Corporate Control, and the Plunder and Depopulation of Central Africa.

This lecture took place October 19th, 2011, at the Nyumburu Cultural Center ( on the campus of the University of Maryland.

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Why are some conflicts labeled as “genocide” while others are not? Why do we hear more about six million Jews exterminated half a century ago than we do about 10 million Congolese people exterminated since 1996? Are black and brown people more prone to genocide than white people? How is grass-roots activism for Africa co-opted by intelligence operatives? What is Hollywood’s role in perpetuating or mythologizing genocide?

In this multimedia presentation, veteran war correspondent Keith Harmon Snow challenges the use and abuse of the “Genocide” label to expose the Western involvement, manipulation and propaganda behind war crimes, crimes against humanity, mass rape, and policies that promote ethnic divisions, poverty and starvation.

The roles of the Pentagon, AID and Charity organizations, covert forces and mass media can all be shown to be part of a systematic and systemic occupation, plunder and depopulation of Africa on a scale that dwarfs the former Slave Trade. Hotel Rwanda? Save Darfur? Invisible Children? The Devil Came on Horseback? Never Again? Shake Hands With the Devil? Who are the leading terrorists in the world?

Keith will explore the massive psychological operations at work to falsify consciousness and further Empire through the ideology of white supremacy and mythologies of innocence used by people of the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Israel to innoculate ourselves against responsibility or criticism.

Finally, Keith will challenge the morality of business as usual, and offer a higher spiritual and moral perspective on being and existence from which to confront ignorance, fear, outrage and inaction inside each and every one of us.



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