Saudi Men Torturing a Yemeni Man

Saudi Men Torturing a Yemeni Man Saudi Arabia, Videos, Yemen
July 16, 2011
Warning: Graphic Footage!

Original article by Afrah Nasser

This video shows a Yemeni man being hit and tortured by bunch of face-covered Men. It’s thought to be happening in Saudi Arabia since the men here are speaking with a Saudi accent. Regardless of the video’s credibility; this is absolutely a human rights crime!

Bear in mind that the latest reports say that Saudi border guards arrested more than 19,000 infiltrators from Yemen in June alone and nearly double that number were caught the month before.

Essentially, Yemeni labor goes to Saudi for search of jobs in the “wealthy” kingdom. This has been the case for many years but the recent events in Yemen would definitely increase the Yemeni labor migration drastically.


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