Police Still Hunting Organizers and Participants of West Papuan Congress

Police Still Hunting Organizers and Participants of West Papuan Congress Indonesia, Videos, West Papua
October 20, 2011

Metrotvnews.com, Abepura: The situation in the location of the 3rd Papuan Congress in Abepura, Jayapura, on Wednesday (19/10) afternoon, still gripping. Police are still hunting the organizers and participants of the congress. Previous clashes between troops and police with congress participants who on his last day, today, decided the establishment of the new nation of Papua fit within the governance structure.

Contributors Metro TV in Papua, Ricardo Hutahean, reports, police and army troops hunting the congress participants who had fled to the mountains. While the shops around the congress site, chose to close. Elsewhere, other security forces patrolled the area using tactical vehicles.

The information obtained by Metro TV, about 100 of the people already in police custody. Meanwhile, several residents were injured in the unrest, now, in the care of the local medical team.

Disturbances began when troops and police tried to block the vehicle carrying the board’s decision following the congress to form a state of Papua government, with a president and ministers.

Members of the military and police were on alert since morning at the location of the congress. The shooting was retaliation residents receive from the mountains in the vicinity of the congress in the region Abepura. (DSY)


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