My Rohingya – Documentary

My Rohingya – Documentary Bangladesh, Burma, Myanmar, Rohingya, Thailand, Videos
August 4, 2011

My Rohingya Documentary, A First Documentary by Thananuch Sanguansak,a woman journalist from Thailand. สารคดี “โรฮิงญาที่ฉันรู้จัก” สารคดีเรื่องแรกของ ธนานุช สงวนศักดิ์ นักข่าวเนชั่น แชนแนล

Outstanding hour-long documentary on the plight of stateless Rohingya refugees chased by Burmese authorities and military from Arakan State in Burma to Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia and many other countries around the world.


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  1. Soe Raza@ Zahiruddin says:

    This type of journalism is rare today but it is outstanding. Rohingya are not forgotten people but their names are being hidden by Burmese junta for ignoring International laws. Rohingya are not Bengali at all. They are genuine residents/citizens of Burma(Myanmar) which has been denying by the army regime for many decades. Now,it is the time for good journalists to cover all documents of Burma that abuse human rights of ethnic minorities in Burma. Myanmar regime is now in a dramatic way by showing its civilian dressed rule. Actually,military rule is not over in Burma by last year election held in Nov 7. The total parliament is controlled by those civilian dressed army Generals. As long as army is in power in Burma,the face of democracy is not possible to appear. This regime must be fallen by peoples’ unity. All Burmese ethnic minorities should be united to bring Myanmar army regime down.

  2. Zahir Uddin says:

    I is a very good step to grow the mutual understanding between Rohingyas and Thai. Thananuch Sanguansak is not only a journalist but also she is a very good social worker in my view. I am very thankful to her outstanding journalism. Rohingyas’ basic rights have been denying by Myanmar junta for decades but Myanmar is ignoring International laws by influence of some big powers. Myanmar regime must be brought to ICC for its human rights abuse. ASEAN should cancel its membership for it criminal activities.

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