Land and Sea- Lake Eyre to West Papua

Land and Sea- Lake Eyre to West Papua Australia, Pacific, PNG, Videos, West Papua
February 17, 2013

Source: Izzy Brown

Land and Sea Convoy for Peace and Justice


Looking at the ancient ways to find the new beginnings…
By foot or by car, by bus or canoe, by ship or by song, by dance or by spirit you are invited to join us…

A short, poetic, and quite moving film expressing the solidarity of Melanesian peoples across national boundaries. Featuring Kevin Buzzacott, Jacob Rumbiak, Emily Wainggai and Ronny Kareni.


Once upon a time the land was joined,
Australia split from her children
the islands of Melanesia.
Just below the surface of the sea
that now divides us are the hidden treaures
of forgotten stories and cultural knowledge
that reveal a deep connection
with the land and people.


Water is life, follow the dreaming story
of the water from the Lake Eyre basin
to our brothers’ and sisters’ land in West Papua.
The People of West Papua are suffering.
We have a responsibility to care
for our brothers and sisters from across the water,
we must bring the water and the fire, the love
and the music to heal the country
as we move in solidarity…


We were one people, we still are one people
We must uphold our cultural connection,
the old land is calling us…

Calling on all our friends and families of all
nations to join at the shores of Lake Eyre
for a ceremony to celebrate the survival
of the old country and to stand strong
to make an action of creative resistance
against the apartheid of colonization
and destruction caused by multinational
mining companies.


From the shores of Lake Eyre
we will follow the underground water
across Australia in a freedom
convoy of artists, musicians, activists
and indigenous ambassadors from
Australia and West Papua.


We will carry the ancient water collected
from the sacred mound springs of Arabunna country,
the fire from the old Lake Eyre and ashes
from Aboriginal tent embassies across Australia.

These offerings of peace and justice
will be taken on a flotilla to West Papua
in support for the freedom and justice
for West Papuan peoples.



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