Indian Troops Fire at Kashmir Journalists & Protesters

Indian Troops Fire at Kashmir Journalists & Protesters India, Kashmir, Videos
August 31, 2010

CNN IBN TV footage showing Indian troopers firing at kashmiri protesters and assaulting journalists.The Jammu and Kashmir Police can be seen trying to pacify the mob in Habba Kadal. The policemen, who can be identified with their epaulettes, are seen urging the CRPF personnel to stay calm and not to open fire.
The situation deteriorates when a young man approaches the CRPF post and asks the personnel to step out. The CRPF personnel abuse the man and then an armoured vehicle moves in and opens fire at the crowd.
The CRPF men next turn on journalists and beat up Muzamil Rashid, who is a cameraperson with CNN-IBN’s IBN 7 channel. Two other camerapersons were also injured in the clash.


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