Eyewitness View of Attack on the Papuan People’s Congress

Eyewitness View of Attack on the Papuan People’s Congress Indonesia, Pacific, Videos, West Papua
October 25, 2011

Source: Numbay Media via Engage Media

This is raw footage of Wednesday’s attack by the Indonesian military and police on the Third Papuan People’s Congress in Jayapura. The footage shows people dancing, soldiers closing in, and gun shots. The video was shot by several observers. The last sequence was shot while the camera person was hiding from gunfire. Police have now confirmed that five people were killed in the attack – human rights groups say it was more.

Here are some more details from the attack courtesy of Newmatilda.com and westpapuamedia.info

CURRENT (as of 10/21/2011)


Anywhere between 300 and 800 activists arrested, most released
Core group of 5 in custody at least but could be more, all feared tortured:

  • Forkorus Yaboisembut – elected as leader of the broad based movement for peace and justice – possibly paralysed witnessed by another detainee
  • Edison Waromi – deputy leader
  • Argus Krar
  • Selfius Bobii
  • Dominikus Sorabut
  • Abraham Kareni (who’s son lives in Melbourne) with fractured skull

Charges include treason, rebellion, crimes of hatred against the state. These are colonial laws left over from the Dutch era and they carry long sentences — in some cases up to 20 years.

Police violence, dead and wounded

DFAT have confirmed four people are confirmed dead, activists claim six
People identified (all from Petapa or family of:

  • Dani Kabepa
  • Yakovus Sabonsaba
  • Mathias Maidepa
  • Martinus Siep
  • Tanepi Kobeta
  • One additional unidentified member of Petapa, the West Papuan paramilitary guard formed to protect Forkorus Yaboisembut, the man delegates elected as their leader.
  • Numerous people have been savagely beaten, many are in hiding for fear of arrest or worse
  • Unverified claims people were shot at point-blank range and bundled into armoured personnel carriers and other vehicles.
  • Five people at the Dian Harapan Hospital suffering several wounds: ”One is a woman, Ana Ana Adi, 41. She has got wounds at her right thigh. Pilatus Wetipo, 40, was shot in the right leg. Wiler Hobi (22) has some wounds in his head because of being beaten by the weapon, the other two have blistered wounds
  • four people in Sabron Yaru wounded

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