Chinese Farmer Sets Himself on Fire to Protest Forced Eviction

Chinese Farmer Sets Himself on Fire to Protest Forced Eviction Asia, China, Videos
June 8, 2011

A Chinese farmer set himself on fire in a desperate attempt to stop his home from forced demolition by local Chinese authorities. This latest self-immolation incident has attracted national attention, as profit-driven forced evictions are becoming a common occurrence in China’s rural landscape.

After years of not being able to stop his home from being demolished by force, a Chinese rice farmer felt he had no other choice but to set himself on fire in protest.

An excavator truck chomps away in front of his house in Huangshi village in Hunan Province. Wang Jiazheng is seen on the rooftop of his two-story home, dousing his shirt and pants with gasoline, and igniting himself. Wang then rolls off the rooftop engulfed in flames.

Wang was taken to the local hospital, where he died a week later. According to Chinese media reports, Wang’s family was not allowed to see him at the hospital.

Wang’s older brother quoted him saying, “My old bones aren’t worth much money, but I will fight until I die to get what I deserve.”

This highlights the forced evictions and demolition controversy happening across China’s rural landscape.

The land where all the Wang family lives has been chosen as part of a massive development project—worth about one and a half billion U.S. dollars.

In the face of land grabs by Chinese regime officials and profit-driven businessmen, Chinese farmers are driven to desperate ways to protect their homes and land from forced eviction and demolition.

Another farmer, Qian Mingqi, attempted to set off bombs to three local offices of the Chinese regime in neighboring Jiangxi Province.


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