Buchtar Tabuni: West Papuan People’s Struggle for Independence

Buchtar Tabuni: West Papuan People’s Struggle for Independence Indonesia, Pacific, Videos, West Papua
December 17, 2011

11 oktober 2011
Buchtar Tabuni (General Chairman KNPB)
West Papuan people’s struggle for independence there is nothing preventing

We who are gathered in this place, we are the owners of this land, the heir to the country, none inhibited the struggle of West Papua, Republic of Indonesia was not, the Governor was not, the MRP was not, not anyone.

We are the owners of the land, we have the right to sit on this land, everyone must respect the person sitting on this land, God created this earth, God created the land of Java, Sulawesi ground the Lord God created, God created the land of Borneo and the Lord put all ethnic groups, with their eating style, their forests, their sea, sugai them, God had placed them the same place, God put the island of Papua, the mystery island, beautiful island, the island that is not owned by another pride, another tribe, race Another, God gave special special people of Papua, (really!), spare nothing makes any here, not people, people of Papua is not a separatist, not! land owners, who come here are the separatists, who she Homeland separatists, whom he did military separatist, separatists means separation, which comes to separation is the Homeland, not the people of Papua, we are the owner of the land God has placed us here, we will win.

I feel grateful today, during my three years in prison, only this time my speech, but I believe our future will be equally, we will fight, West Papua National Committee (KNPB) always in the forefront, no matter the risks! prison is my profession, my profession is killed, for the sake of truth and glory of God on this land, either consciously igat degar good .. I want to explain important information .. from the 60s until the day before we would release the nation’s west papua, it’s part of the international support agencies, while we missed was the street, the International Lawyers for West Papua (ILWP), which was founded by the people themselves, who ever you want, expect support, goods already exist, the goods are roads, KNPB will never love the promise that turgid, love-agan agan dream, I want to be this, I want to be it, my, my, kator governor who served until regents office wear tomorrow will occurs, but for us is not important stuff, not important for us, because we believe, the goods have not been fulfilled, the goods do not, I also wonder .. meresa we fooled all-out, we’re screwed out, is one of Papua itself. . we killed out – out by the Homeland, we’ve killed it with promises of love,

West Papua National Committee (KNPB)

Buchtar Tabuni
General Chairman

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