AK Rockefeller – Passport (Video)

AK Rockefeller – Passport (Video) AKR Moving Pictures, Videos
August 24, 2011

The sample is of Charlie Chaplin’s son from Charlie Chaplin’s film “A King in New York” – “To leave a country is like breaking out of jail, and to enter a country is like going through the eye of a needle. Am I free to travel? Only with a passport!”

The Script:

What’s that you’re reading?

Karl Marx.

Surely you’re not a communist?

Do I have to be a communist to read Karl Marx?

Well, if you’re not a communist, what are you?



I dislike all forms of government.

But somebody must rule!

And I don’t like the word ‘rule’.

Well, if we don’t like the word ”rule”, let’s call it ”leadership”.

Leadership in government is political power and political power is an official form of antagonizing the people.

But my dear young man, politics are necessary.

Politics are rules imposed upon the people.

But in this country rules are not imposed, they are the wish of all free citizens.

Travel around a bit, then you’ll see how free they are.

You didn’t let me finish.

They have every man in a straightjacket and without a passport he can’t move a toe. In a free world they violate the natural rights of every citizen. They have become the weapons of political despots. If you don’t think as they think you’re deprived of your passport. To leave a country is like breaking out of jail. And to enter a country is like going through the eye of a needle. Am I free to travel?

Of course you’re free to travel.

Only with a passport!

If you’ll allow me to say something?

Only with a passport! Do animals need passports?

Have you finished?

It’s incongruous that in this atomic age of speed we are shut in and shut out by passports.

If you’ll shut up and let somebody else talk!

And free speech, does that exist?

No, you’ve got it all.

And free enterprise? Today it’s all monopoly. Monopoly is the menace of free enterprise.

In the first place… I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say.

And the atomic bomb! It’s a crime that when the world cries for atomic energy, you want to make atomic bombs. You want to wipe out civilization, destroy all life on this planet! You and your kind think atomic bombs can solve your problems.

Today man has too much power. The monopoly of power is a menace to freedom. If civilization is to survive we must combat power until the dignity and peace of man are restored.

I’m sorry for this unfortunate occurence…


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