ITS Slogans

ITS Slogans

ITS Slogans Identity Transduction

ITS is an art collective dedicated to producing work

in defense of basic human rights

Identity Transduction is the Mechanism by which

media creates influence

Identity Transduction media is an antidote

to corporate sponsored mind control

ITS controls the symbols of the elite

and cannot be controlled by them

ITS fights for all people on earth.

No race, creed or religion is excluded

ITS directs the evolution of identity through

the development of self conscious systems

ITS takes power away from the state and financial

institutions by co-opting the apparatus of identity and mind control

ITS is developing culture as a guided agent of
social and political change

ITS engages in counter psy-ops, wrestling control

away from the elite

ITS rejects authoritarian models of organization

and administration

ITS employs dynamic spiritual principles to create

art with a specific purpose and with conscious intent

ITS cultivates influence through the dissemination

of stylized ITS art and media

ITS art, music and media campaigns quietly infiltrate the

minds of consumers subverting the psychosocial manipulation by the elite

ITS employs collage and digital techniques to

redefine and rebrand the icons of popular culture in our image

ITS harnesses symbols of power to subvert

the narrative of the elite

ITS undermines the intended meaning of symbols

like a cultural parasite

ITS art is invisible to the ruling elite, since for

them it holds no value, just as their wealth is meaningless to us

ITS has risen from the dull ashes of contemporary culture.

ITS art is revolutionary art.

ITS art belongs to all the people and participates

directly in the unfolding of history

ITS art is rearranging the narratives of human culture
revealing the possibility of a more equitable society

ITS destroys the ideas that create excessive power

to free ourselves from their terrible grasp

AK Rockefeller

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AK Rockefeller

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