ITS Task Force

ITS Task Force

ITS Task Force Identity Transduction

ITS Manifesto

  • ITS shapes & creates culture.
  • ITS controls the symbols of the elite and cannot be controlled by them.
  • ITS fights for human rights worldwide.
  • ITS fights for all peoples & cultures, no race, creed or religion may be excluded.
  • ITS opposes all forms of environmental destruction and desecration.
  • ITS shares intellectual property and does not recognize unfair copyright laws.
  • ITS places land ownership in the hands of indigenous peoples, not foreign business interests.
  • ITS appreciates life.
  • ITS is free expression.

ITS is an independent propaganda machinery for the protection of basic human rights and freedom.

ITS is an idea that unites people, not an actual organization. As such,
ITS can’t be bought or intimidated.

ITS takes political power away from the State and the Corporation, by taking control of culture and propaganda.

ITS directs culture by creating and distributing art and media with specific purpose and conscious intent for the propagation of our ideas.

Follow our simple code and methodology for individual propaganda production and dissemination.

Identify yourself with ITS by beginning your social media bios with the phrase; “[your name] is part of a guerilla-cultural task force globally supporting human rights through …” or some such variant.

AK Rockefeller

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AK Rockefeller

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