Who Was Michael C. Rockefeller?

Michael C. Rockefeller (1938-?) was the son of New York State Governor and Vice President Nelson D. Rockefeller, who, bucking expectations, used his incredible wealth to explore the dark corners of the world, while they still existed. In 1961, on an expedition to trade for ASMAT traditional art in WEST PAPUA, Michael Rockefeller’s pontoon capsized 3 miles out at sea. The Rockefeller family went to great lengths to determine his fate, but he was legally declared dead in 1964, never to be heard of again, until now…

So, What Really Happened?

Michael Rockefeller’s disappearance has long been fertile ground for speculation, did he swim to shore? was he captured by cannibals? did he drown? or, more interestingly, if he survived, did he choose to stay, even joining the ASMAT people, and eventually begetting a son, the so-called AK Rockefeller?

Who is AK Rockefeller?

AK Rockefeller was raised with his 2 brothers and 2 sisters in the jungles of WEST PAPUA, but unlike the others, he took a special interest in his father’s stories of a faraway past. Michael taught them all English, but AK always wanted to know more. Eventually AK also grew to grasp the immense fortune that his father left behind.

At an early age, he left his village to discover the world, stowing away on a cargo ship bound for the Netherlands. He found help whenever he really needed it and easily won the respect of those he met along the way, but was also disgusted by a lot of what he found in the world. He decided to try and re-establish his lost wealth and heritage to contribute to the cause of freedom around the world starting with his home of WEST PAPUA.

Returning to the jungles of his homeland, AK dedicated himself to finding and supporting WEST PAPUAN guerilla fighters in any way he could. It was during these adventures that he met his lifelong friend and collaborator, General Fathead, the leader of a WEST PAPUAN guerilla group. Meanwhile, the Rockefeller family continues to deny his very existence.

Now, AK Rockefeller is part of a multi-faceted guerilla-cultural task force supporting the fight for West Papuan independence from Indonesia with multimedia ART, hiphop beats and resistance rhythms. Because AK Rockefeller is denied normal commercial avenues in the west, we are making what songs we’ve been able to obtain available to the public.

AK Rockefeller

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